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The new generation of Interprox® PLUS provides maximum strength, quality, flexibility and comfort. The range of brushes Interprox® Plus can effectively clean the interproximal spaces and helps protect against caries and periodontal disease.

Brushes Interprox® Plus Super Micro eliminate the dental biofilm accumulated in the interproximal spaces between braces and around implants and fixed prostheses. Its angled head facilitates subsequent arrival in interproximal spaces.
PHD *: 0.7mm

* PHD: Passage Hole diameter (measured smaller interdental space where you can enter the interproximal brush)


Resistance thanks to new manufacturing process ensures the highest quality. The new anchoring system and design protects the wire and fixed inside the structure.

Flexibility wire brush is free in the neck of the handle, offering greater adaptation and clean interproximal spaces.

Rigorous quality compliance with ISO 16409 (International Standard for interdental brushes) regulations.

Tynex® filaments white and black to detect bleeding points and presence of dental biofilm respectively.

Protecting the stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane (plastic) to protect mucous structures, teeth and implants.

Ease of operation have a protective cap that allows easy transport of the brush for use outside the home; and blister maintains order of brushes and preserves the optimal conditions of hygiene.


1- Use the most appropriate Interprox® size for each space. The brush must be inserted loosely, so that the bristles, not the wire, which are in contact with the teeth.

2- Move the brush from inside out, without twisting.

3- The top of the handle has been specially designed as an angle for easy access to all spaces.

Warnings and suggestions:

Plus Interprox® brushes are recommended for the teeth in the area of ​​the premolars. This is due to a perpendicular angle allows entry to avoid causing injury to the gums. With its handle, you can move the cheeks and avoid discomfort. For spaces in the farthest tooth recommend using Access Interprox® because its more elongated handle allows you to reach more easily without pressing further opening of the mouth and cheeks

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