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Symbioram nutritional supplement is a symbiotic, ie combining prebiotics and probiotics in the composition, allowing the beneficial properties of adding both on intestinal microflora.
The importance of combining probiotics and prebiotics in the same product is that they complement each other, as prebiotics become food for probiotics, thus favoring their reproduction and survival in the intestinal flora.
Therefore, the combined effect of both products is more effective than when administered separately.

Symbioram promotes recovery of healthy intestinal flora, which is recommended in case of disorders that affect your balance, such as:
? Diarrhea of ​​diverse etiology.
? Infeccioness.
? Antibiotic treatments.
? Eating disorders.
Symbioram is a symbiotic nutritional supplement enriched with nutrients, which favors the growth of intestinal flora and mucosal recovery, helping to reinforce the natural defenses of the body and normalize intestinal transit.

Pour the contents of one sachet in water, milk or other beverage and consume immediately, preferably half an hour before meals.
Except prescription is recommended:
Age Dosage
Children 1-12 years 1 sachet per day
Children 12 years and adults 2 sachets per day

If antibiotic treatment is advised:
1. Manage Symbioram conjunction with the drug from day to reduce the possible alterations in the intestine.
2. Continue Symbioram until a week after the end of treatment with the antibiotic.

For the symbiotic effect, Symbioram is composed of:
Probiotics: Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus helveticus living in concentrations greater than 3x10, which reduce the presence of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the intestine
Ordesa Laboratories has selected two species of lactobacilli for formulating Symbioram for its beneficial effect on digestive function:
Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus helveticus
1. One of the reasons for the persistence of diarrheal diseases is lactase deficiency. Probiotics help reduce the duration and incidence of diarrhea, improving the digestibility and absorption of lactose and the overall digestibility of nutrients.
2. Help reduce infectious processes to hinder the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
3. Increase the concentration of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria digestive tract protecting the balance of intestinal flora.
Prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) act as soluble fiber normalizing intestinal transit and encourage the growth of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.
Besides the symbiotic effect, Symbioram comprises nutrients needed for recovery digestive disorders:
L-Glutamine: natural amino acid that helps preserve the structure and functions of the intestinal mucosa and enhances immune function.
Zinc: essential micronutrient that helps reduce the severity of episodes of diarrhea.
B vitamins: to offset the deficit of these vitamins caused by impaired digestive function.

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