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Blevit dream is an instant infusion produced from soluble extracts of plants (lime, lemon balm and chamomile) that have been rigorously selected and controlled. The lime, lemon balm and chamomile are useful to help reconcile a quiet, pleasant and restful sleep. The flowers of linden have a tranquilizing action and are one of the best remedies to calm the nervous excitement. Lemon balm is used for its mild sedative action in cases of anxiety and sleep disorders and has a pleasant lemon scent. Chamomile also has a slight sedative action and is useful in cases of moderate insomnia and nervous excitation light states associated with dysfunction gástrica.De instant preparation, both cold and hot. Blevit dream is made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or sucrose. Blevit dream is fit for consumption by children, teenagers and adults. For its pleasant taste, facilitates decision-liquid, promoting rehydration. Blevit dream is made from lime, lemon balm and chamomile plants that are useful when sleeping, promoting durability and quality. The properties of the lime, lemon balm and chamomile are very beneficial to babies sleep more and mejor.Por safety and excellent tolerance, sleep Blevit can be used both by infants from their first months of life, for school children, adolescents and adults, including pregnant women, in which are useful to help alleviate some typical minor discomforts of pregnancy such as difficulty falling asleep. Sleep Blevit granulate is prepared by dissolving in cold or warm water, or adding to the usual beverage, such as fruit juice, or milk. In the case of infants, can be added to baby milk bottles. For its pleasant taste, the addition of sugar or other sweetener is not required. Blevit sleep can be taken daily 1 to 3 times daily. Its dosage varies depending on age and is recommended: Up to 2 months: 1 heaping scoop of coffee (about 2.5 g) in 50 ml of water. 2 to 6 months: 1 tsp heaped (about 5 g) in 50 to 100 ml of water. Up to 1 year: 2 heaping tsp (about 10 g) in 100 ml of water. From 1-8 years: 1 or 2 heaping tablespoons (about 20 g) in cup or glass of water (200 ml). Over 8 years: 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons (about 40 g) in cup or glass of water (200 ml). Blevit dream can begin to occur from mid-afternoon, if considered appropriate, since it has no immediate effect but is smooth and progressive, like most of the products based on plant extracts.

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