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FEATURES: Nipples Soft touch Specially designed for optimum performance with anti-colic bottle Medic Part of anti-colic valve system that facilitates the expulsion of air outside BPA free material The honey color of the bottle is determined by the properties of the free special material Bisphenol A, more resistant to knocks and scuffs. Cannula high temperature sterilized dual use Cannula System sends the air to the bottom of the bottle avoiding mixing with the liquid and also includes at its end a temperature sensor that varies from purple to pink if it reaches the 37 ADVANTAGES: CRAMPING REDUCE THE RISK OF NOT EAT THE AIR Its exclusive air circulation system eliminates the negative pressure and prevents the formation of air bubbles during shooting, so the baby only eats fluid and significantly reduces the risk of colic and bad digestions. REDUCE THE RISK OF MIDDLE EAR INFECTION Medically proven. The strong suction bottles without air circuit force to make the baby can cause leakage of liquid and air to your ear delicate. Medic with a bottle baby makes no unnatural effort suction, thus reducing this risk. FACILITA EL PASO TAKE A BOTTLE BREAST Constant fluid facilitates the baby is taking a relaxed pace you need and allows it to even combine breast and bottle in a natural way. TEMPERATURE SENSOR Active System incorporates the sensor at the end of the cannula that changes color warning that the temperature exceeds 37 ° C. CONTAINS BISPHENOL A Bisphenol A is a chemical compound containing some plastics, which can cause changes in the body. From recent studies, several countries have been alerted and the government of Canada has officially declared toxic the compound. The objective is to make the Baby Due healthier and safer products for babies, so we manufacture bottles free of Bisphenol A from 2003.

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